5SOS Amnesia Cover: Don’t Want to Be an American Idiot

5 Seconds of summer is the album which is composed by Australian rock band 5SOS. It was released by Capitol Records on 22 July 2014 in the United States and on 27 June 2014 in Europe, Canada and Mexico.


5SOS Amnesia Cover

5SOS Amnesia Cover

The album is preceded by 3 singles, “Amnesia “, “Don’t stop” and “She looks so perfect “and these are the 5SOS Amnesia Cover song of this album. And as promotional singles “Everything I Didn’t Say “, “Kiss Me Kiss Me”, and “Good Girls” were also released beside with cover song of 5SOS.


  • The lead song of this album is “She Looks So Perfect” and it was released on 21 February 2014. The track placed at number one position on the Singles Chart of Australia, New Zealand Singles Chart, UK Singles Chart and the Irish Singles Chart. This song also peaked 25 number on the Canadian Hot 100 and 24 rank on the Billboard Hot 100. The (ARIA) Australian Recording Industry Association was certified “She Looks So Perfect” song as a double platinum for its selling over 140,000 copies.
  • The second song of 5SOS Amnesia Cover is “Don’t Stop” that was released as on 9 May 2014.
  • The third single of this album is “Amnesia” that was released and peaked at number 7 and 6 in Australia and New Zealand, respectively, while also recording at number 28 place in the Netherlands.

Other songs:

“Good Girls” was released as first promotional single of 5 SOS albums. It peaked in the top 20 in Denmark, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and the Ireland.

Second promotional song is “Kiss Me Kiss Me” was released after “Good Girls”. It is also got 10 number rank in New Zealand and 14 number rank in Australia while also charting in Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

Background information:

5SOS also known as 5 Second of Summer rock band is originate in Sydney, Australia. All the members of this band are boys and all are from Australia. The most newly released single of this band is 5SOS Amnesia and  5SOS Amnesia Cover song is getting popularity in all over the world music chanels

Genre of band:

Genres of this band’s song is pop rock, pop punk which are mostly based on love theme.

Year’s active:

This band is formed at 2011 and presently going on.

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover

Cover song “American Idiot”:

This song is about the people who simply want to become an American citizen and today every youth have this mania. So 5SOS want to give a message that don’t follow others just be on your own identity and define it in front of others.

Official Website:

If you want to gather more information like their new released singles, their events and the gossip about them you can search in its professional websites.

Members of band: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin are the member of this band. They also write and compose the songs. 5SOS Amnesia Cover song’s lyrics is also written by them.


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